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Samara Architectural Construction Academy

The residential estate for 300 people in the Volga river water area in Samara
The design project is based on the idea of afloat accommodation on the waterfront city territories and the creation of ecological energy-saving residential estate able to exist independently from municipal network.
The project shows the possibility of the organization of accommodation amidst natural landscape within easy reach by highly-urbanized city settlement areas which makes it possible to combine the advantages of city comfort as well as solitude and relaxation of the river area.
The residential estate is situated on the Volga river bank near the Zhiguly mountains amidst the unique natural landscape.
The contextual interconnection between the architecture of the project and nature is reflected in considerate and scaled space planning decision, the unity of the object space and natural surroundings.
The architecture of the residential estate is formed of minimal dimensional and sculptural elements and is based on the elementary archetypes - parallelepipeds.
The central focus of the architectural decision is made on the inclusion of the natural environment and the river views into the architectural space.
The residential estate is made of low-rise (one to three floored) dwellings and municipal buildings built on floating dams or piles.
The buildings differ by types according to dam surface and module. The residential zone is situated both afloat and ashore. The communication with social and business zone is carried out by pontoon bridges and river transport both private and public.
The construction of residential houses on hollow concrete pontoons can be used all the year round including winter period. The modern independent infrastructure systems used in houseboats have no negative effect to nature.
The community center providing cultural and social services for residents is planned in the residential estate. It consists of nursery and secondary school, restaurant on piles, stores, covered underground and overland parkings ashore, emergency station with its own parking, boating station and covered berth for yacht storage.
The Volga river banks, the split- level embankment and islands serve as recreation areas in the residential estate. Due to variety of ways of accommodation modules interlocking the estate is made of different housing groups. Each of groups has its own courtyard space situated on pontoon modules. One type of such space looks like an interior space-precinct, the other represents the space opening on water.
The common use areas are also partly situated on floating pontoon modules and include playgrounds and sports grounds, pergolas, barbecue and picnic sites. Open areas are equipped with boat and yacht stations.