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Ural State Academy of Architecture and Arts

The hotel and business complex is part of a large-scale project to develop a common town-planning concept for the construction of the water area of the Verkh-Isetsky Pond. The main task of the concept is the development of the western direction of Yekaterinburg. It is assumed that the city will grow and be saturated with new buildings and structures. The Bolshekonny Peninsula was chosen as a place for designing a very large dominant.
Town-planning level:
The building being developed becomes a harmonious part of the Bolshekonny Peninsula, considering that there is almost no architectural environment around. Some existing buildings located in this area are architectural monuments, they are planned to be preserved, to be made part of the hotel complex. One of the important tasks was the comprehensive restoration of the entire peninsula, its transformation into a unique all-season recreational complex. The main idea is to reveal the natural features of the terrain.
Structure of the hotel and business complex:
The general structure of the hotel and business complex is quite traditional. The dominant altitude volume (main volume), combined in the lower structure with a multi-storey public space (additional volume).
On the first floors of the complex are concentrated exhibition pavilions, conference halls. On the following floors of the main volume are offices, recreational areas. The hotel occupies the most recent floors.
Distinctive features:
The design area of the hotel and business complex is unique in its proximity to the natural complex, which is of key importance in the formation of the space-planning solution. The main architectural volume is maximally combined with the environment with the help of a multi-stage system on the facade of the building. The function of these protruding elements is simple, they play the role of exhibition spaces, and they also have green terraces.
The building of the hotel and business complex is a glass skyscraper, decorated with lush plants, reminiscent of a vertical green garden. To create a garden a hundred meters high, unpretentious and resistant to strong wind are used. The shadow that plants create allows the building to be a quarter more economical than other high-rise buildings.
The exterior decoration of the whole complex is made in several solutions, one of which is the hinged system of the "ventilated" facade, the finishing with wooden panels. Modern panels are specially treated wood, which contains materials that prevent decomposition and destruction, and reduce the likelihood of suffering from a fire. Natural material - wood - is used in kind, an environmentally friendly design that is moisture resistant and preserves heat is obtained.